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Z początkiem stycznia 2023 roku, jako efekt kapitałowej sukcesji zewnętrznej w Wessly sp. z o.o., nastąpiło połączenie ze spółką Moore Polska Audyt sp. z o.o.

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The Warsaw Voice - 22 Lipca 1990

Favourable political and stabilizing economic conditions are inspiring great interest in Poland as a potential partner in various investments for business and financial entrepreneurs. For many of these businessmen, meeting the challenges of a foreign language and new regulations can be a complicated process. To overcome the gauntlet of barriers encountered by many potential businessmen coming to Poland, a comprehensive business Consulting and travel service - Wessly Uniservice - has emerged to facilitate the investors' needs.
Wessly Uniservice, thefirst private firm to offer these com-prehensive services, was established in order to facilitate the complicated process of establishing partnerships with Polish firms and entrepreneurs. It is managed by Mr. Wiesław Rozmysłowicz, who has 14 years of experience in private business, and Mrs. Hanna Król, an Arabie translator who speaks four languages. Consultants to the firm include a former partner with the Vavel Travel Agency in New York and an agency director working with foreign investors connected with the Central Cooperative Union. The company employs 72 co-workers who serve as guides and interpreters and has 46 cars with drivers at its disposal. It is also capable of serving its clients in four languages: English, French, German and Italian.

Upon the visitor's arrival in Poland, the firm accompanies them to a hotel with an automoblie and an interpreter. During their entire stay in Poland the investors are assisted in accomplishing their business goals. Foreign investors remaining in Poland for morę than one week can also take advantage of the firm's availability of private apartments. Wessly Uniservice can arrange for private apartments costing substantially less than a hotel as well as sightseeing tours of the country.
During the company's first month of existence it has served guests referred to it by the Commercial and Technical Information Centre connected with the United States Embasssy in Poland during the OPIC mission. Wessly Uniservice also recently helped Groupe Maurin - a French corporation selling new and used cars in France and North African Countries - facilitate meet-ings with prominent people in the automoblie industry. Provin-cie Groningen - a business from Holland interested in investing in thefish industry in Poland - was serviced by Wessly Uniservice and provided with a 1500km tour along the Polish sea coast with transportation and interpreter included.
The firm, based in Warsaw, has madę arangements with such institutions as Poland's Foreign lnvestment Agency and UNIDO, both of which have evaluated the company's services and assured them of their cooperation.


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