Moore Polska

Z początkiem stycznia 2023 roku, jako efekt kapitałowej sukcesji zewnętrznej w Wessly sp. z o.o., nastąpiło połączenie ze spółką Moore Polska Audyt sp. z o.o.

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Financial and tax audit

26 years of experience in financial and tax audits and 31 years in consulting

The purpose of audit of financial statements is to obtain an auditor's opinion, confirming that it is consistent with the accounting regulations and policies and that it clearly and reliably presents the property and financial situation as well as the financial result.


Our mission within the audit of financial statements is not to expose the disclosed errors, but to assist clients in correcting them. 

We have created procedures and tools that enable effective use of the audit not only to issue an opinion, but also to substantive support of the examined entities in eliminating the revealed irregularities. We also use this knowledge in the ongoing operations of the client's company. Many of them have been with us for many years. 

Our strengths are significant experience in the interpretation of balance sheet, tax, commercial and social security law. We have collected them not only by carrying out almost 1,000 financial and tax audits, but also by developing hundreds of opinions, memoranda and expert opinions.


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