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Z początkiem stycznia 2023 roku, jako efekt kapitałowej sukcesji zewnętrznej w Wessly sp. z o.o., nastąpiło połączenie ze spółką Moore Polska Audyt sp. z o.o.

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Audits of projects financed from EU subsidies and funds

Audits of special-purpose financial statements, support in accounting

The audit of the use of grant funds is used to obtain the confirmation that the project that is implemented from such funds meets the requirements and purpose specified in the grant agreement.< /br>The audit includes inter alia checking the compliance of expenses incurred under individual budgets, eligibility of costs included in records, compliance with the rules of order fulfillment, as well as confirmation of achieving the expected effects of the implemented project.

Within audits of projects co-financed from subsidies, we make every effort to ensure that the analyzed documentation meets the terms of the agreement and the required standards. Therefore, during the audit period, we try to conduct preliminary research, aimed at revealing systemic and interpretative errors, to prevent their occurrence in the implementation of subsequent stages of a given project.

We have conducted over 130 audits of projects co-financed by the European Union, as well as projects with government subsidy funds, including Japan, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Portugal.


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