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Z początkiem stycznia 2023 roku, jako efekt kapitałowej sukcesji zewnętrznej w Wessly sp. z o.o., nastąpiło połączenie ze spółką Moore Polska Audyt sp. z o.o.

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About Us


Who we are

WESSLY Sp. z o.o. is an auditing company providing financial and tax audit services.
An important area of activity is also consultancy in the scope of balance sheet and tax law.
We provide our clients with a team of experienced auditors, tax advisors and experts in the field of balance sheet law, tax law, share valuation and business valuation as well as due diligence analyses.
Chairman of the Board of WESSLY is Mr. Wiesław Rozmysłowicz - tax advisor, statutory auditor, author of publications concerning tax law and economic issues.


WESSLY began its activity in April 1990 as "WESSLY UNISERVICE Business Consulting & Investment Services" and was one of the first private consulting companies in Poland.
In 1995 "WESSLY UNISERVICE" was contributed as a whole into WESSLY Sp. z o.o. [Wessly Ltd.].
In the same year WESSLY Sp. z o.o. was registered under N. 1117 as an entity authorized to audit financial statements (audit company).


We have carried out almost 1,000 audits, including: audits of financial statements, tax audits and audits of projects implemented with EU funds and special-purpose grants from governments and foreign organizations. We have developed hundreds of legal and tax opinions, due diligence analyzes, feasibility studies, expert opinions, including valuations of shares and other resulting from agreed procedures.


Activities of statutory auditors and other experts include on-going substantive support of audited entities to eliminate potential errors and illegality.

Audits are conducted based on the requirements of the Act on statutory auditors, audit firms and public oversight, in accordance with the National and International Standards on Auditing, including the provisions of the Act of 29 September 1994 on accounting, International Financial Reporting Standards applicable to the audit of Financial Statements and in accordance with Rules of professional ethics of statutory auditors.

kibrsmIn order to implement auditing processes, exchange information and give opinions we use WESSLY documentation and its internal procedures, required by the provisions of law and standards, which we have developed taking into account many years of experience in working with our clients.


Wessly Sp. z o. o., ul. Irysowa 24A, 02-660 Warszawa | tel. 22 826 32 78, 22 826 96 12 | fax 22 826 91 65 | e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.